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I am a photographer based in Salford and am the proud owner of Every Body Perfect. I've lived and worked in the city my entire life: the sights, sounds, history and diverse culture is ingrained into me. Salford, and our neighbouring city Manchester, have brought a warmth no other place could ever replicate and this is seen in the people I work with.

I started taking my photography seriously over 10 years ago and I have covered company events, portrait shoots, a range of family parties and product / marketing shots.

My greatest inspiration lies in my family, those that give you the drive and motivation every day to conquer new challenges. My wife and  my son, along with friends and family are the reason why I love to celebrate love in others.

A school leader with 25 yrs experience - my life has been focused on giving to others (as an English teacher through to Deputy Headteacher). Photography is my love where my satisfaction comes from your delight in having timeless memories captured.

I’m an avid cyclist, listener of music, sports fan and firmly believe that motivation must be based on doing things you love. Hence - the memories captured for you are part of my mindfulness journey.

If you would like to collaborate in any way, please feel free to contact me.


Feel free to drop me a message, whether it's an enquiry, opportunity or to discuss collaborations.

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I hope you enjoy the video below.

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